Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Real Housewives Coming To Lagos

According to inside sources, NBCUniversal owners of the popular America docu-reality series; the Real Housewives Franchise is partnering with a Nigerian organization to produce a version of the show for the African audience. The new show will be called The Real Housewives of Lagos and will cover the lifestyle of 5 – 8 different women resident in Lagos. Continue...

These women must fit a certain profile; aged between 30 and 50, extremely wealthy - married into money, inherited a fortune through her family, or just self-made millionaires - they could be married, divorced or single. They will also grant an all-access pass to their lives: their families, friendships, careers and homes.

While there are so many women in Lagos who fit this profile, it is difficult to say if most of them would be ready to grant an all-access to the Real Housewives camera crew. Maybe it will be easier for Nigerian celebrities who are already into such lifestyle, especially people like Omotola Jolade who already has a reality TV show "The Real Omotola."

Watching to see how The Real Housewives of Lagos will go. Good luck to all those who will be contesting to participate in the program.

What do you think about this? Is The Real Housewives of Lagos a good development for Nigerian entertainment, or should the country be developing it's own indigenous formats?

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