Friday, August 2, 2013

Photos: Nigerians In Benin Republic Raided And Dumped In A Camp

According to a report by a Nigerian lawyer living in Benin Republic who sent out the story to the media, in the early hours of yesterday morning, Wednesday July 31st, the police department of the Republic of Benin carried out a house to house search of Nigerians living in Cotonou, who don't have their passports and ID cards. The Nigerians they found wanting were bundled up and quarantined in a local primary school (pictured above).

A few other nationalities like Ghanaians and Nigers were also picked up but majority were Nigerians. The Benin police say they plan to continue their raid because some foreigners were constituting a nuisance in the area.

The lawyer had to bail her relatives from the camp with 20,000cfa which is about N6000 even though they didn't commit any crime other than being unable to identify themselves. Maybe it's time to come home!

See more photos below

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