Saturday, October 22, 2016

How Paul Okoye Assisted Me: Lady Who Cried For P-square To Re-unite Shares

Do you remember this lady? A few months ago she made headlines when her video went viral. In the video, the lady can be seen crying and begging the twins that make up the P-Square brand to re-unite. And just recently, she was encountering some financial problems and contacted Paul Okoye and the musician helped her. See what she wrote below.

How @rudeboypsquare saved me from being evicted from my saloon. My name is patience erdoo yisa. So many people may know me as "the girl weh cry for psquare" , but am also an up and coming actress and stylist.

Recently my saloon rent expired and couldn't pay, begged my landlady to give me sometime but she complained bitterly that she needs to pay her children's school fees. The pressure was much, business was not moving, and the only person who would've helped me out (my mom) had not received her salary since February.

One day I woke up and was moved to contact rudeboypsquare, though we haven't met officially but we chatted sometime in april after releasing that video (pleading for psquare to reunite and work things out). I contacted him and explained everything to him, he replied immediately and asked for my account details.

The next day I got an alert from him. The essense of writing this is to show him how grateful I am for the prompt response, @rudeboyosquare thanks for being a brothers keeper. God bless you more and more and more with more #bankalert, Amen.

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