Thursday, May 9, 2013

Afrocandy' Po*n Actor Wants The Movie Taken Off The Internet

Hehehehe, the drama is gradually becoming interesting. A few days ago we posted an article about Afrocandy, a nigerian based in the US who produced a proper po*n movie.

Hehehehe, is a lot of action going on in that movie. If you missed it, do check it here.

Ok, that is not the story this time. The latest drama now is that, the actor who featured in the movie and properly enjoyed Afrocandy, touching amd sucking away now wants the movie trailer to be taken off the internet.

And here is the most funny and interesting part, the guy also wants the producer to remove him from the film.

anyway, enough of my amebor, below is the Facbook post Afrocamdy made in regards to the issue. I'm sure she now needs your help.

so, over to you guys and your suggestion for her :)


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