Saturday, May 11, 2013

Video: Kanye West Hits Head On Metal Sign While Avoiding Paparazzi

American rapper, Kanye West hits his head on a metal sign and then yelled at the paparazzi for taking photos of him.

The incident took place when Kanye and his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian were strolling along in Beverly Hills yesterday afternoon. Kanye suddenly slammed his head on a metal sign as he was ducking his head to avoid being photographed by the paparazzi. getting his picture taken, slammed dome-first into a metal sign post.

Kanye and his pregnant girlfriend, Kim Kardashian were on their way to a restaurant when the incident took place. Kanye went  REEAALLLLLY MAD and screamed at the paparazi,
"Don’t take a muthaf-ckin’ photo man. Don’t take a photo! Stop it! All of you muthaf-ckas stop it man!”
TMZ captured all the action on camera. check out both videos below.

Dang. from Kanye's rage and look, it looked like it really must have hurt so bad. Oh, poor Kanye. don't worry, you'll just be fine.

Hehe, taking your photographs is a part of the package for being a celebrity and you know it. Afterall, the minute they start taking photos of you, that is the minute your career will die.

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