Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Don't Need A Brazilian Hair Girl- Alex Ekubo

Nigerian model and actor, Alex Ekubo says he does not need a beautiful bimbo with Brazilian hair. He said he need an intelligent and beautiful woman that can give future Mr. and Miss World. Lol :)

See his statement below;

I need a beautiful woman because am headed to the very top. I’m talking of international recognition. I need a woman who can stand by my side and say baby I love you, I support you, I will stand by you. You don’t need a bimbo, beauty without brain. 
Her head is full of Brazilian hair and make up, and then carrying small dog all around which is the trend now with ladies. For me brains come before beauty. I need somebody that can help me so that we can produce beautiful Nigerian babies that can go out there and contest in Miss world, Mr. World.

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